• Random Pony Merch: Knockoffs, Socks, Lollipops, and More!

    I... guess one of those chinese companies popping out Build a Bear patterns decided to start a lineup of their own? She's kinda cute tbh. Too bad you need to order 1000+ of them at a time. I wonder who OK'd that? Thanks to Amy for the heads up!

    Find her over here if you want to fill a room up with those, and get tons of merchandise below!

    H&M Socks

    Found at: H&M
    Found by: Kelsey

    Mane cast Tin With Stickers and Stuff

    Stickers, Posters, Markers, and more.

    Found at: Walmart in Canada
    Found by: Grant

    Rainbow Dash Bag Tag

    Found at: Books-A-Million
    Found by: LittleLooney

    More Ornaments

    With a Pinkie mark for Flutters!

    Found at: Chrismtas Barn
    Found by: Piousbrony

    Playing Cards

    Found at: Go! Calendars
    Found by: Jordan

    More Plushie Banks More Spotted

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Wesley

    Chocolate Lolly

    Found at: Biedronka
    Found by: NiebieskieFrugo

    "Awesome" Pony Backpack

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Bill

    Pony Wrapping Paper

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Bill

    Electric Toothbrushes

    Found at: Giant PA
    Found by: jeffpiatt