• Discussion: What Should the Future Be for Glimmy?

    I have to admit, when I made the currently running poll, I wasn't at all expecting Glimmy to take the top slot. You all know I have a bit of a Starlight bias, but I wasn't aware others did. For whatever reason, I always got the impression that people wanted her gone. With those results, I think it's time to discuss her future!

    We have season 7 right around the corner, and Starlight may or may not play a role in it. I would actually be surprised if they shelved her for a season with how important she was to the last one. That suggests that she will still be kickin around, providing us with Trixie episodes and random bouts of spellslinging. Something that a lot of people would be more than alright with.

    The question is, how should they handle her? Is she taking that same multi-season path Twilight did? Is she being groomed as Canterlots new Starswirl the Bearded like original Twilight was going to do? Or do you stand in the camp that wants her to take a season long vacation to get a Glimmy break?

    Discuss below!