• Discussion: What Kind of Alternate Worlds Would You Like To See Pony Explore?

    The pony fandom is anything butt lacking in creativity, and one of our absolute favorite past times is taking cartoon equines and melding them with other universes. We've had everything from hardcore industrial cyberpunk to drama filled space operas. Taking the colorful equine form and introducing them to technology or bizarre ideas is always a recipe for success!

    Fortunately, our hypothetical Hasbro executive has noticed. While throwing them into humanland high school in Equestria Girls has been largely successful, they need to break into sectors that aren't yet being dominated by other brands! They need wild and magical worlds and you are the ones that will deliver them!

    So, good fandom with all it's good ideas, the choice is yours! What type of setting will you place ponies into next? Will you be aiming for some kind of arcane tech golden world like that recent MTG expansion? Or maybe just making Fallout Equestria canon?

    The choice is yours! Hit them comments up.