• Discussion: Add an OC Pony to the Show!

    Over the past few years, we have seen a pretty massive rise in the world of OC ponies. While Pony Creator was the dominant force in the early days, quite a few are moving on to much higher quality models for their creations, causing more people to find them attractive enough to share and post elsewhere.

    A few 100% fan made characters have gotten to almost show-level status when it comes to popularity, with ponies like Little Pip and Fluffle Puff spawning humongous amounts of fan art and buzz. They aren't the only well-designed ideas out there though! Drawfriend posts here have almost a 50/50 split on OC's vs. Canon characters.

    So, fandom filled with it's wondrous ideas and creativity, our Hypothetical Hasbro guy is back again, and he needs an OC for an upcoming episode. Who's it gonna be? Some [possible] choice paths:

    • A very well designed OC pony
    • An OC pony with an interesting story behind it
    • An OC pony with a massive following
    • An OC pony with a fandom person that you would love to see in the show

    Pop your pony pick down below!