• Bonus Music #34


    What music did you bring for Fluttershy to listen to?

    Get a bunch of bonus stuff below!

    [1] Source

    Outside the Day - Chrysalis will Rise (Brony song) by Outside the Day

    Vocal - Rock

    [2] Source

    PonyChrome - Dash (Hay Tea Bootleg) by Hay Tea

    Instrumental - Drum & Bass

    [3] Source

    ArkticSkies - Dreams by ArkticSkies

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [4] Source

    Daniel Ingram - Luna's Future (Neu KatalYst DnB Remix) [DnB/Liquid DnB] by Neu KatalYst

    Vocal - Drum & Bass

    [5] Source

    Strach Attack - Mustache Ride (Midli's '98 Remix VIP) (Hardcore) by Midli

    Instrumental/Vocal Chops - Hardcore

    [6] Source

    Brohoof Studios | Winning Formula | Hands Up by Brohoof Studios

    Instrumental - Hands Up

    [7] Source

    Wonders - Eniix (Original Mix) by Eniix music

    Instrumental/Vocal Chops - House

    [8] Source

    Ponytronic - Repose [ASoS Release] by A State of Sugar

    Instrumental - Trance

    [9] Source

    The Eternal Reign of King Sombra by Mane In Green

    Instrumental - Orchestral Rock

    [10] Source

    The Living Tombstone - September (One Track Mind Remix) by One Track Mind

    Instrumental - Orchestral EDM

    [11] Source

    Scratch21's "Strangers" covered by Pegasus Pitch and Foxy Lee by Foxy Lee

    Vocal - Pop