• (Updated) Are Official PONY ROBOTS on the Way? New Trademark Filing from Hasbro - EQUESTRON

    Something very strange is coming out of the Trademark offices. A new filing from Hasbro a few days ago reveals a new line of "Toy action figures and accessories for use therewith" going by the name of EQUESTRON.

    As with all these Trademark grabs over the years, we have no idea yet what it actually is. Big theories right now are a Transformers crossover line, real life ForReal Friends style pony pets, or just straight up pony robots. Considering we got the Power Ponies, and also considering that Hasbro does pay attention to fan art, it wouldn't be too surprising to get an all-bot cast for a sci-fi episode next season.

    Update: looks like Hasbro filed more listings for MININAUTS at the same time, probably pointing this toward something to do with that, and not pony.

    Thanks to SleepySteve for sending it!