• Rainbow Dash Presents and MA Creator: Youtube is Trying to Kill Us

    The bad news just keeps coming out of Youtube. After SFS posted a video talking about how the Youtube changes have forced them to halt production on their upcoming animations, Greg from Dawn Somewhere, the creator of the Rainbow Dash Presents, the Mentally Advanced Series and more, has posted their own video on the situation. Like SFS they too have been hit hard by the Youtube changes.

    Read about it below!

    So over the past few months, we and a number of content creators have had some real problems with Youtube. Unfortunately they've done before and they'll likely do it again, making them unreliable as a way to generate viewers or revenue. The most recent change has put yet more pressure on animators, who now seem less able to rely on viral content - previously the last refuge of a dying medium on the platform. In this video I mentioned we'd gone from 800k subscribers to 300k, but I made a mistake. We were at 600k before the change and have suffered a 50% loss in viewership, which appears typical of those affected.
    Greg says they are currently looking at a variety of ways to help their situation and that they won't go down without a fight:
    Some of you have heard about this, and I know that I've seen many sorrowful sentiments. Including, "Well I hope Youtube rights its course". My belief is that they won't, and we need to fight the paradigm by working outside their system and becoming more self-reliant. Promoting newsletters and subscriptions off of Youtube, using other platforms, and so forth! We also can't do the content WE want to do by trying to play along with this system, so we're going to start doing content that we think is good, and that we think we can manage within our budget, but that won't be the exhausting click-bait or homogeneous reviews of other people's content that survives innately.

    When the chips are down, you don't keep gambling at the same table. You develop a new strategy. We have very little data in front of us demonstrating how to manage, but so help us, with great fans and your support, we're going to make it!
    Still, seeing as how this has affected these bigger channels I can only imagine how it is affecting everyone else. Just from a small selection he mentions Tiarawhy losing 50% of his viewers and Piemations losing 70% according to Social Blade. Scary times.

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