• Game: Horror Game "Fall of AnterFOLD" New Beta Available For Download

    We've got some news tonight about a pony game that has slipped under our radar and has been in development for quite some time! Called Fall of AnterFOLD the game has entered stage two of its beta and seems to be really shaping up. Interestingly enough it appears to be a co-op horror game where there is one life available between each player, the game ending if one partner dies.

    For those of you looking to try out a new game this Christmas weekend check on after the break for some more details and a link to their website where you can download the game.

    EFT now released a new Beta version of their co-op survival horror game,link of download now enabled at official page.

    Fall of Anterfold is a hardcore survival game where all have own rules.Rules of each chapters will be a different.Only cooperative actions can help you to survive.

    Features(Not all):

    -One life,if you or your friend is die,game will end.
    -Random rules,every start = new rule.For example in first start you have a good drop of items and little amount of creatures,in second you can have no items and big amount of creatures.
    -Danger of fight,every next battle with creatures can be fatal,you will need to think to your head.
    -Own universe,Fall of Anterfold have own storyline and universe, which too can be expanded by other players.

    Game still in beta,but you can help with bugs and ideas all this you can leave on official site and forum.
    During the beta,game can be changed many times.

    Twitter: Calpain