• Drawfriend Stuff #2119 (Art Compilation)

    Needless to say, this post is pretty well dominated by Christmas. Tons of artists tend to pop up this time of year. Maybe it's because ponies look so comfy in winter clothing and Santa hats? Something about it just increases the amount of art by double.

    Note: We will have a "Best of Christmas" art post in a few hours compiling the greatest of the last 6 years, along with a separated "Saucy" one judging by the amount of art that is leaning in that direction. Expect those later in the afternoon once it's all compiled up!

    Until then, get lots of NEW art below!

    [1] Source

    Happy Holidays 2016! by Wynnchi

    [2] Source

    A Pony Kind of Christmas by The-Wizard-of-Art

    [3] Source

    Warmth of the Dawn by Sycreon

    [4] Source

    Back to the times when we were young by AurelleahEverfree

    [5] Source

    Pony Kind Of Christmas by RubyW32

    [6] Source

    A Hearth's Warming Tail by GlitterStar2000

    [7] Source

    Good Night and Merry Christmas lil' apple by GlitterStar2000

    [8] Source

    Happy Holidays by Bratzoid

    [9] Source

    Merry Christmas - 2016 by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen

    [10] Source

    Happy Hearths Warming 2016 ! -- H-W Folio 2016 by ShutterflyEQD

    [11] Source

    In The Spirit of the Season by dm29

    [12] Source

    Happy Holidays 2016! by DangerCloseArt

    [13] Source

    Merry Christmas! by SwanLullaby

    [14] Source

    Princess Luna by LadyUnilove

    [15] Source

    Applejack's Warming Eve by AssasinMonkey

    [16] Source

    Best of wishes by Madacon

    [17] Source

    Ponk by Bloodatius

    [18] Source

    Chill by GiangHanez2880

    [19] Source

    Sleigh Belle by VanillaGhosties

    [20] Source

    Hearth's warming eve is near! by Ulyanovetz

    [21] Source

    A Holiday Twi by Celebi-Yoshi

    [22] Source

    Here comes the sun by Charmilious

    [23] Source

    Guardian of the Empire by SpectrumBlaze

    [24] Source

    Hearth's Warming music by tyuubatu

    [25] Source

    limestonepie 26 by kaikoinu

    [26] Source

    Princess of Animals by PhoenixPeregrine

    [27] Source

    On Hearth's Warming Eve by Plainoasis

    [28] Source

    Join the friendship army today! by Aureai

    [29] Source

    End of Christmas by Mesperal

    [30] Source

    Rarity Xmas by Pony-Stark

    [31] Source

    The Chosen One by Marmorexx

    [32] Source

    Sunset Shimmer (+speedpaint) by Cloud-Drawings

    [33] Source

    Prince Sombra - Sketch Commission by Dragonfoxgirl

    [34] Source

    Christmas by Kinda-L

    [35] Source

    Happy Happy for you by pridark

    [36] Source

    F by tolsticot

    [37] Source

    Ocean Bay by engibee

    [38] Source

    CM: Belle Serene by Riouku

    [39] Source

    Merry Christmas from ArcticFox and Zebra - 2016 by Ashley-Arctic-Fox

    [40] Source

    YCH: White Feather Santa by BlazeMizu

    [41] Source

    Merry Christmas oc! by Kinda-L

    [42] Source

    Mary Christmas by VanillaMocha01

    [43] Source

    Merry Christmas by Blackligerth

    [44] Source

    Rut Allen by 0okami-0ni

    [45] Source

    Christmas Morning by pumkinroll

    [46] Source

    Commission: Dreaming Dawn by adostume

    [47] Source

    [Side Art] Changeling Royal Guard by vavacung

    [48] Source

    2016/12/25 by ciciya9318

    [49] Source

    Merry Christmas! by Luximus17

    [50] Source

    [MLPArtTrade] Illona by HuiRou