• Community Soapbox #10 - When MLP Ends, An Equestria Girls Series, and More!

    This week's community soapbox has arrived! Every Tuesday at 3:00 PM PST, we open up the box for anyone willing to give their two cents! This time around, we have the following subjects:

    • Why a Equestria Girls Show Could be a Good Idea
    • The Big Question For Us All - The End of Pony
    • Magic and Its Elusiveness
    • Changeling's Shouldn't Have Changed
    • Why Starlight is stronger than Twilight- and That's Okay!

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    The Big Question For Us All - The End of Pony
    By: Nikolai

    As we all discuss the the season 6, and prepare our selves for the arrival of season 7, there's one question that comes to mind that myself and others ponder as episodes go by. When My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic reaches its final conclusion, what will happen to the brony community? Will we still call ourselves bronies, or will we leave the community for greener pastures? In my opinion, I don't think that this will be the end of it all. There have been communities or fandoms that are to this day still going strong. The Sherlock Holmes or Star Trek fandom communities are great examples of this. Despite the original series or show being over, there are still people out there enjoying and discussing the content. A recent example would be with Undertale. It's been about a year since the game has been completed and I'm still finding loads of fandom made content about it. Though it will be a sad day when the day finally comes for MLP:FiM to end, there will still be fans out there making content for us to enjoy. So don't worry, we'll be around for a long amount of time to come.

    Why a Equestria Girls Show Could be a Good Idea
    By: PapyJr13

    If the first movie was not bad, this sequels earned in qualities. Rainbow Rocks was great with the redemption of Sunset Shimmer, Friendship Games was very good and now Legend of Everfree was just epic. Of course, it’s my opinion.

    But with the news powers of magical girl of the Human 7, this universe turn into a new dimension with many promises for the future sequels.

    Besides, we are many news characters unique in the background, that will be interesting to develop them with new counterparts as cameo (Ex : Gilda, Zecora, Discord, etc). A come back of Dazzlings and Shadowbolts will be great . And why not the appearance of Human Sunset.

    Then, this show will maybe able to develop the counterparts of Mane 6 to distinguish herself with the original characters. It could revelead where Sunset lives ! For such a long time that we ask the question.

    It's true like the original show, we will had necessarily many same friendship lessons but with the domain of school can offer new lessons plus "magical girls fight" with new villains.

    So, I hope that the tree specials will open a door toward the show’s format if the movie's format isn't enough anymore.

    Magic and Its Elusiveness
    By: Yamiks

    As I started watching the show, even in first season, I found myself searching for some rules that apply to that particular world. Be those rules on life spans, rules on everyday life (like what is acceptable and what's not) and so on.

    The problem arose when I tried to understand how magic worked in the show, how much an average character has or can do with it. Even now it seems that shows creators don't seem to have set any boundaries for magic. Not setting some base rules for magic often will lead to moments when writers just go full DEUS EX MACHINA on the plot and resolve everything in some stupid way, as it has happened before, arguably.

    I hate that I have to constantly point to Avatar series as a prefect example, but in ATLA even in first few episodes there are wonderful feats being done, but before them, it's clearly established how much an average character can accomplish. In MLP:FIM the only standart we get for unicorns is ability to levitate things, but, say for example, there is no showcase of what a pony with non-magic related talent could possibly accomplish with study and practice.

    Changeling's Shouldn't Have Changed
    By: Jade

    I, for one, don't enjoy the new Changeling designs. I can see why people DO like them, they are pretty and all, but that's the problem. The Changelings first appearance looked fantastic, something completely different to everything else on the show. They were these bug-pony malnourished zombie-looking things, they looked so unique. I get WHY they changed in Where and Back Again, but why so drastically?

    The new Changeling designs are just...weird. As 'pretty' as they are, we're now left with these bright, cheerful, bland, generic and nauseatingly colourful...Things! Why get rid of such a unique design, or at least let them resemble Changelings. We finally see them again after four whole seasons, and we change them in such a radical way just like that?

    Spike became friends with Thorax despite his appearance, it was looking past appearances to make a friend. I suppose in hindsight it was to prepare us for the finale. All in all, this was one time the Changelings really didn't need to change. I'm looking forward to seeing the Changelings again, but I'll wearing sunglasses so they don't blind me.

    Why Starlight is stronger than Twilight- and that's okay!
    By: Jerod

    Characters grow and change in MLP and I would argue that Starlight Glimmer is rightly more powerful than Twilight. Twilight is a imperfect non-omnipotent being and must learn magic like everypony else. Her skill in magic is not from some all powerful deity or the Elements of Harmony but rather from her own efforts, innate intelligence, and talent for learning. Rainbow Dash likewise is not an amazing flyer because of her cutie mark or her title of the Element of Loyalty. She earned her wings by consistently pushing herself and competing. Fluttershy is amazing with animals because her character at her core is filled with love, compassion, and kindness for all living creatures- not due to magic or a deterministic destiny. Suffice to say Twilight loves magic and learning- but so too does Starlight though perhaps for different reasons. Starlight after nearly being defeated worked tirelessly to grow in power to fight Twilight toe to toe in the Season 5 Finale and then after joining the Main Six worked tirelessly to impress all. Starlight has grown as a character and earned her skill with magic much like Twilight has and will continue to do so- through passion and dedication.