• Brony Thank You Fund's Lauren Faust Event Moved to Equestria LA

    Originally planned for the 4th of April, the Lauren Faust "Inside the Animators Studio" Event that the Brony Thank You Fund was planning has been shifted instead to the 2017 Equestria LA Convention. There reasons being a deduction in site fees and access to a lot more bronies. The price of the event has been dropped from $100 to $60, and people that have already payed full price can ask for a $40 return via paypal, but people that go ahead and stick with the $100 will have access to front row seating and $15 an Equestria LA weekend pass. You do not need a ticket to the actual convention to join the Lauren event.

    Get the notification they sent out below the break.

    We have some major news about the Lauren Faust event that we wanted you to know about. The TLDR; is that Equestria LA has kindly agreed to host the event, which is going to save us a boatload of money in site fees, as well as having a lot more Bronies in town that week to attend.  As a result, there are a few changes.
    • We're dropping the cost from $100 to $60. Since you folks already paid, you have 3 options.
    1. You can let us keep the extra $40. In return, we'll hold seats right up front for you and give you $15 off an Equestria LA weekend pass.
    2. You can ask for the $40 back, and we'll PayPal it.
    3. You can ask for a full refund because the date doesn't work for you
    The new date and time is Saturday November 18th at 5:30PM, the venue is the Wyndham Anaheim Garden Grove.  You don't need a membership to EQLA to get in for this event.

    Thanks to Bob for sending it.