• Brenda Hickey and Tony Fleecs Release SPOC Sneak Peeks!

    Looks like there a slight uptake in theses. Or at the very least I'm looking for them again. I don't know which is more likely, but you can decide.

    At any rate, after Brenda Hickey took a break to work on a project featuring magical gnomes (Ward's Valley Coming Soon), she's back to working on ponies! And what does she post to announce her return? A glimpse of a cover for a 2017 Pony Project that stars *SPOILERS*.

    Oh and Tony Fleecs posted something related to the currently untitled arc that ties into Season 7 and starts with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #51. No idea if anyone would be interested in that.

    But if you are, you can check out both of them after the break!

    "Guess who's back - back again - Brenda's back - tell a friend! #MyLittlePonyComics #BackOnMLP #2017ComicProject #TwilightSparkle #ComicCover"—Brenda Hickey (Source)

    "Love drawing Spike! Jealous @agnesgarbowska always gets the Spike issues. #mlp #mlpcomics #deskshot"—Tony Fleecs (Source)