• All of the "Cider" Has Been Changed to "Juice" In Netflix "Where the Apple Lies"

    According to multiple people reporting after watching "Where the Apple Lies", the Netflix version of the episode has replaced all instances of "Cider" with "Juice". This is most likely to appease the UK channel "Tiny Pop" that had to delay this episode due to "Cider" being attributed to alcohol over there. I guess Hasbro just decided to go ahead and make their edited version the official release.

    If anyone has the episodes on iTunes, you might want to see if it has been removed/reuploaded there. As far as we have heard, no one has reported it, but it might be another one of those broad Derpy level censorships that we end up protecting our original copies on.

    Thanks to DJZ and Zapzip for the heads up.