• Top Pony Music Branches Out to Reviews + Ponies at Dawn: Amity Open For Submissions!

    I figured I'd put these two together as they're somewhat related! Firstly, the top pony music channel that up until this point has stuck to monthly top tens has now begun branching out into album reviews. The first review put up by Reverie is of the recent Ponies at Dawn album, Voyager, featuring his general thoughts on the album as well as more specific discussion on a few of his favourites. 

    Secondly, submissions are now open for Ponies at Dawn's holiday album, Amity! With submissions due by the 20th of December, you can expect the album to drop around early-mid January. As the title of the album might suggest, this album is all about friendship, and all submissions are required to be collaborations between at least two artists, or a remix of a past Ponies at Dawn track (plentiful remix stems are available in the info document). If either of these two things interest you, make sure to check them out below the break!

    1. Ponies at Dawn: Voyager Album Review

    2. Submissions open for Ponies at Dawn: Amity

    Submissions Due: December 20th

    Full information: https://goo.gl/bZlVdK
    Submissions Form: https://goo.gl/tKNiWN
    Remix Packs: 
    Release Date: TBA/January

    BandCamp: http://poniesatdawn.bandcamp.com/
    SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/ponies-at-dawn/