• Random Merch - New Brushable Design in Malaysia, Grape Twilight Sparkle Candy, Cash Register, and More!

    The new series of brushable ponies with updated molds is apparently already hitting stores over in Malaysia. Expect to see them flood everywhere in the next few months, as is the norm for early releases over there.

    Thanks to Ixiblat for that, and get lots of random merch below!

    Grape Flavor Candy and Sour Egg Spray 

    Found At: Vladivostok, Russia
    Found By: Kim


    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: Jeffrey

    Cash Register

    Found At: Toys R' Us
    Found By: Cindy

    Pony Water Bottles and Mugs

    Found At: Target
    Found By: Spottedlions


    Found At: Malaysia
    Found By: Julia

    Rainbow Dash Projector

    Found At: Malaysia
    Found By: Squeaky belle

    New Play-Doh Sets

    Found At: Big Lots
    Found By: Machoskater


    From Toy Fair, now invading stores

    Found At: Cracker Barrel
    Found By: Holly


    Found At: Robert's Christmas House, Fred Meyer
    Found By: Holly, Framwinkle, Jeffrey, Braverythebrony

    Bathtub Paint Set

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: Framwinkle

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: Krystal

    New Cake Set

    Found At: Frys Food
    Found By: Steve