• MLP Musical: Rainbow Rocks Performance Publicity Photos Appear!

    If this show ever comes to the US, Trixie seriously needs to be added into the mucisal. If for no other reason than to just see Seth's reaction to having Trixie appear live on stage before him.

    In preperation for the show in Singapore, more photos from the MLP Musical: Rainbow Rocks have been released to help hype up the show! With every photo that's released, I become more and more impressed with what's going on with what this show has been able to accomplish. Especially with regards to how accorate the costuming and set designs are to the movie.

    Below the break you'll be able to find three additional shots from some of the other musical numbers in the performance. Hopefully if the show ever comes to the states my guesses as to whatthese are will have been right.

    I wouldn't say they perform better than ever without Twilight and Sunset.

    I wonder if Adagio is trying to incite a battle of the bands.

    "We've thought of something that is better. Something that changes all the rules."

    Applejack's bass guitar—you can actually count the four strings—is really screen accurate, save for the head which is slightly different. Rainbow's… I wonder if Dusky Katt would offer to build a show accurate one if it ever comes to the states.