• Halloween Tee Contest Results and Winners!

    The Teepublic shirt design and drawing contest has concluded, and as promised we have five winners! Two for design, two for drawing, and one completely random.

    Below the break, get a view at all the art, plus the marked winners! Thanks again to everyone who entered!

    [2] Source

    Cellist of the Tomb by Dusk-Ealain

    [3] Source

    Harley Dash by LiaAqila

    [4] Source

    by waitingforshow

    [5] Source

    Strawberry Juicy by Pika-chanY

    Winner - Voted Drawing! 

    [6] Source

    Equestria Daily T-Shirt Design Contest by JEKIJET

    [7] Source

    Flutterbat T Shirt by LaserPewPewRBLX

    [9] Source - Weird Girl

    Winner - Random Drawing!

    [10] Source - SS Dashie

    [11] Source - Ilona

    Winner - Voted Design! 

    [12] Source - Christian

    [13] Source - Flutterlove

    [14] Source - Flutterlove

    [15] Source


    Winner - Random Design! 

    [16] Source

    [17] Source

    [18] Source - Tess

    [19] Source

    EQD Halloween Contest Entry! by PinkPalette