• Cast of My Little Pony Musical Interviewed on Singapore Radio Station Kiss92

    Looks like the Advertising Team behind The MLP Musical: Rainbow Rocks is really ramping up the presence of the show in the country. Either that or more people are aware of what's going on and are sending it into our inbox. But I digress! Earlier today, the stars of The MLP Musical: Rainbow Rocks were interviewed live on Singapore's Kiss92 FM broadcast radio station.

    During the interview they discussed the trials of playing a horse while actually being a human, the overall plot of the musical, and a certain adult male fanbase. Gee I wonder what that last one could be about.

    If you're interested in hearing what these leading ladies sound like, as well as an a cappella version of Friendship Though the Ages, be sure to check out the recorded livestream of the interview after the break!

    Special thanks to Squeaky_Belle for the youtube upload!