• Brony Thank You Fund: Need a Colorist for Jenn Blake's Work

    The Brony Thank You Fund has been helping fight cancer for years now, selling calendars and pins with the goal of Bucking Cancer. The organization needs a little help from you guys now all while helping out Jenn Blake as well!

    Awhile back she promised to get a page into the 2018 calendar but due to recent events she won't be able to finish it in its entirety. That's where you guys come in as she is looking for a colorist to finish the page she is working on! Check out the full details below:
    Hi all,
       In the summer, Jenn Blake agreed to do a page for the 2018 Brony Thank You Fund calendar. Obviously, since then, a lot has happened with Jenn, but she'd still like to contribute to fighting cancer.  What she needs is someone to color the page she's doing.  If you have a background doing comic coloring, or think you have the chops to pull it off, contact info@bronythankyoufund.org with some samples of your work, so we can hook you up with Jenn.  We need art in by December, so time is of the essence.
    Twitter: Calpain