• 15 Great Applejack Videos From the Last 6 Years!

    Applejack hasn't been the most prolific in the video side of things compared to other ponies, but she does rock it in impact. Get some feels, comedy, energy, and a mish mash of other things below as we celebrate some of the better brony projects starring Ponyville's #1 farm pony!

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    Applejack, They Miss You Too [MLP Animation/PMV] by Magpiepony

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    [SFM] Apple by MAN_ticore

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    MLP:FIM [Animation] "Wrong Apple Tree" by BrutalWeather

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    Strive Like Applejack by shiropoint

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    Musical Film - Wake up Applejack! by Tsubuki

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    Down The Road | PMV Collab by The Collaboratory

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    Samurai Applejack by camaroni

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    Applejack & Twilight with Celestia by CrazyJezus

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    How Applejack Won the War - Animation by Corpse Run Comics

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    [Animation] Know Your Mare Ep. 3 (Applejack) by BogyleBronies

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    My Little Doomsday: Applecrack by Piemations

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    MLP:FIM [Animation] "Apple Thief" by BrutalWeather

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    Sunshine and Celery Stalks [SFM] by Ferexes

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