• Pony Community Soapbox #2 - Lauren Faust's Vision Ruined, CMC Destiny, Changeling Lore, and More!

    I think Tuesdays at 2:00 PM will be the official day for these! Expect a pony soapbox every tuesday, where everyone in the fandom gets a place to vent or discuss something about the show or community they want to talk about!

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    • Changelings would make the best (live) entertainers.
    • Is Lauren Faust's vision "ruined"?
    • PonyTubers Deserve More Respect From Older Bronies!
    • Fallout Equestria a Canonical Series?
    • What is the destiny of the CMC?
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    Changelings would make the best (live) entertainers
    By: TheYamiks

    When you start to think about it: it's quite obvious. Ability to sense love or even how much it's around you allows you to gage directly and instantly what the audience is feeling so for entertainer, be that musician, actor, etc, such skill or ability would be very beneficial.

    Even thou changelings haven't yet been shown to stray from the pack (until recently) we presume they would not be interested in this, but consider the possibility: you perform and give enjoyment to others and for that receive nourishment. In this manner changeling performing would be able to feel whether or not his performance was well received and this way also able to change up things that are not working. Eventually making these particular creatures one of, if not the best entertainers.

    Yes not every field of entertainment could be gaged directly, still most can and this is what would make changeling great, unless it can't come up with better material to replace bad parts.
    Frankly I'm surprised that writers never made even a comic(Luna forbid) out of this idea, but I guess here's hoping.

    If anything I wounder what Thorax will become now ...

    Is Lauren Faust's vision "ruined"?
    By: WanderPony

    Ever since Lauren Faust left, the current showrunners have made many changes to her original plans. A very vocal number of fans have cried "Lauren's vision is ruined!" whenever a new change is announced. But can we really call Lauren's vision "ruined" because of these changes?

    Well, let's look at all of the interviews and whatnot Lauren Faust has done. What is the main idea she intended for this show, and all the other stuff she has worked on?

    It wasn't that there's only two alicorns, or that Twilight's library is still standing, or anything like that. The idea behind her work is that girls are just as diverse in personality as boys are, and are good at almost all of the things boys are good at. That is the philosophy the show has followed from day 1, and the philosophy it is continuing to follow currently.

    So, whether or not you agree with the changes the showrunners have made doesn't matter. Since the show is still following that basic philosophy I mentioned, I don't think it'd be appropriate to say they're "ruining" her vision.

    PonyTubers Deserve More Respect From Older Bronies!
    By: Pinky102368

    I have come to notice something that has been getting on my nerves. One of the most popular types of pony videos on YouTube are where someone is filming their plastic toy ponies and making stories and videos out of that. People who do that are called "PonyTubers." They are especially popular with the younger My Little Pony fans.
    There are some really popular PonyTubers out there; a couple with over 200,000 subscribers.
    However, even though these are popular, I barely ever see them even mentioned or even recognized throughout the older brony community.

    While pony animations and even compilation videos are put all over the place on Equestria Daily, I have only seen one video posted that is related to PonyTubers. It was one of MLPStopMotion's videos--not one of her best--where she made a pony reenactment of Big Hero 6. And it got a lot of backlash in the EqD comment section.

    I guess I am just getting annoyed at older fans just ignoring videos made by PonyTubers, and whenever they are recognized, there is a lot of backlash (some people were calling MLPStopMotion a "spoiled brat" in the EqD comment section).

    PonyTubers Deserve More Respect!

    Fallout Equestria a Canonical Series?
    By: Toaster Repairman

    Recently, it has been brought to my attention that the Fallout: Equestria is a possibly canonical series. We have seen that Starlight Glimmer has the ability to travel through time, and therefore create infinite alternate universes. We have seen at least one of which that leads to the destruction of Equestria itself, meaning that there are circumstances where there is no hope for the land, and that it can be in a wasteland like state. Given the fact that there are thousands of alternate realities, there is very much a chance that the Fallout: Equestria takes place, canonically.

    What is the destiny of the CMC?
    By: DrakeClawfang

    The Monday entry that suggested Apple Bloom could become an alicorn made me think - could there be some higher destiny for the Crusaders as a whole? The way they got their cutie marks is very unusual, after all.

    We've seen ponies get their cutie marks in the show, and while it's typically a personal epiphany or great feat that brings it on, the mark usually just appears on their flank. But the Cutie Mark Crusaders practically got a transformation sequence, magic coursing through their bodies and the three rising into the air and glowing brightly.

    Not to mention that the three basically share three variants of the same mark. The last time a group of ponies had cutie marks connected to each other, they ended up becoming the Elements of Harmony. That, combined with the unusual way they earned their cutie marks, seems to be a hint the Crusaders have a great destiny waiting for them like the Mane Six did.

    I don't know if the show intends to look into this too much, but I think it's a real possibility.