• GIANT Random Merch: Comic Style Diary, Kitchen Sets, ...Correction Tape, Guitar, and MORE!

    That old comic style pattern got an upgrade and is now adorning a diary available over in Poland. I have no idea if this one will be making the trip to any other country, but considering it's in English I wouldn't be surprised if its hidden out there somewhere.

    Thanks to Fraki for that one, and get lots of random merch below!

    Baby Flurry Heart in Canada

    Found at: Canadian Walmart
    Found by: Grant

    Cup... Thing

    Found at: Safeway
    Found by: Loud Taffy

    Tights and Socks

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Jesse and Micheal

    Fluttershy Shirt

    For anyone out there with kids!

    Found at: Croatia Lidli
    Found by: Antonio

    Pony Thermos

    Found at: Toys R' Us
    Found by: Jeffrey

    Lap Tray

    Found at: Toys R' Us
    Found by: Jeffrey

    Hand Soaps

    Found at: Italy
    Found by: Snow Heart

    Cosy Kitchen Set

    Found at: ASDA
    Found by: Tre

    Pony Guitar

    Found at: Park City Center
    Found by: Piosbrony

    Collectable Wrist Band Watches

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Angela

    ...Correction Tape


    Found at: Malaysia
    Found by: Squeaky Belle

    Sweet Style Pinkie

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Victor

    Pone Socks

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Scarlett


    Found at: Publix
    Found by: Steve

    Funrise Shining Armor

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Draconis

    Stylized Pony Backpack

    Found at: Indonesia
    Found by: Richard

    7 Wood Puzzles

    Found at: Kroger
    Found by: Granpapony

    And that about covers it! If you find random merch, be sure to send it to submit@Equestriadaily.com!

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