• Everfree Northwest Launches New Site, Announces Tabitha St. Germain and Nicole Oliver

    Conventions for early next year are starting to ramp things up a bit as EFNW happily announces the attendance of Tabitha St. Germain and Nicole Oliver to go along with the launch of their new site for next year.

    Check out the whole press release for the details and ticket info after the break!

    Hello there, everypony!

    Everfree Northwest just launched a brand new website for our 2017 convention! We will have tons of updates coming in the next few weeks, so keep checking back for more awesome changes! A big thanks to our Design and IT teams for working hard to bring you our brand new spiffy site!

    But wait, there’s more news!

    We are simply elated to welcome back the fabulous Tabitha St. Germain to Everfree 2017! Tabitha will be showcasing her Luna alongside Nicole Oliver’s Celestia for another round at EFNW! We can barely contain our excitement!

    As so many of us do, Tabitha St. Germain began life as a happy jelly lump. She might not have been quite so happy if she had had eyes and could see that she was puce in hue—an unlovely colour, but she had no eyes. (See above re: jelly.) So: happy.  
    Far off, in the seams of a dimension like our own in no article, (except that there is a rudimentary Twitter that consists of people yelling out of doors into a corridor and then slamming the doors shut), a being named Snoodlewod Jam Jam Thwiket, took note of Tabby’s dab of DNA coalescing on the earth. Though only a jelly, and an unsettling colour, it was clear that the thing was FULL OF NOISE. ‘I’m going in,’ said Snoodlewod Jam Jam Thwiket. For Snod. was a musician, and he recognized that a rare instrument was forming, a golden windbag: Tabitha.
    If you think that origin story was daft, here’s some of Snoodlewod Jam Jam Thwiket’s oeuvre:

    Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, C.O.P.S, Beetlejuice, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Seed, Carebears, Deathnote,  Martha Speaks, Jimmy-Two Shoes, a buncha Barbie movies, League of Super Evil, Nerds and Monsters, Littlest Pet Shop,  Packages From Planet X, Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch, Pac-man, Lollirock, Pirate Express, Dinotrux,  Endangered Species, Kong, Nina’s World, Supernoobs and  other stuff.
    In MLP: Rarity, Luna, Nightmare Moon, Granny Smith, Mrs. Cake, Photo Finish, Rarity's Mom, Muffins, Suri Polomare , Pound Cake, Spa Pony, Flurry Heart and others.
    Instrument also makes sauerkraut. Is no longer puce.

    Get your 3 day pass to experience the magic at EFNW! Head on over to https://everfreenw.com/register to register now, and don’t forget to bring a friend using our Friendship Badge option! That’s right, by popular demand, our Friendship Badge add-on is back this year. Come be United in Harmony with us at Everfree 2017!

    Looking to help bring Equestria to Earth for three days? We’re now accepting volunteer applications! Giving your time to help keep EFNW running smoothly comes with some great perks and an even greater team by your side! We couldn’t have this convention without all the time that our staff donate throughout the year. Come join the fun and be a part of our team!

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