• Awesome New Fallout Equestria Side Scrolling Game from Russia

    It always amazes me what randomly ends up in our inboxes here on EQD. Stuff we aren't at all prepared for. Usually from Russia!

    Well, they did it again. We have an incredibly well done side scrolling Little Pip FoE game here, complete with a huge assortment of weapons, creepy wastelandy environments, raiders, rad roaches, bullet physics, telekensis, falling damage, excellent animations and more. I've only put a bit of time into it but once my EQD duties are done I think I know what I'm playing tonight.

    Anyway I'll shut up. It's time for you to go be LITTLE PIP. Play it over here. Be sure to switch to English if you can't read Russian.

    Thanks to Shadowscale for sending it. 

     Little pip has cutest crawl animation