• Audio Books: "A Song of Storms", "Tigger Tank", "The Age of Wings and Steel"

    After a little bit of time, we have some more audiobooks for you all! Enjoy a spread and make sure to send us any that you notice on YouTube, SoundCloud, or any other site that you find! Three excellent audiobooks as usual after the break! One with a new and interesting experimental format, one with a star-studded cast (TheLostNarrator, OBabScribbler, etc), and one more long fic for good measure!

    1. A Song of Storms: Snow and Shadows [Adventure] [Dark] [Tragedy]
    2. Tigger Tank [Adventure] [Sad]
    3. The Age of Wings and Steel [Adventure]

    Title: A Song of Storms: Snow and Shadows
    Description: It has been twenty years since the fall of the Cirran Empire, and Commander Hurricane has led the pegasus pony tribe into a comfortable role in accordance with the Tri-Pony Compact. But a supernatural blizzard without end brings forth the suppressed hatreds that have festered among the three tribes, and the resulting famine threatens to eradicate all; earth pony, unicorn, and pegasus alike. With a bloody war looming on the horizon and the fate of their ponies at stake, the three tribes must find a way to survive together, or they will assuredly die alone.

    Sequel to "Of Skies Long Forgotten." Reading of that story is not absolutely necessary to understand what is going on, but it is strongly recommended for you to understand the references.
    Tags: Adventure, Dark, Tragedy
    Author: The 24th Pegasus
    Narrator: Everae

    Title: Tigger Tank
    Description: Tigger and her crew are having a tough day and a night as they battle their enchanted war machine and a 'mech' army. The tenacity of the part zebra mare with brown stripey coat can get her through, as long as she takes each disaster on its own merits. At least the quad tracked tank with magnet rail gun has their best interests at heart. It just has a funny way of showing it!
    Tags: Adventure, Sad
    Author: TeamIdris
    Narrator: TeamIdris (And a bunch of popular readers as well!)

    Title: The Age of Wings and Steel
    Description: Three hundred years after the fall of Princess Luna, Equestria teeters on the brink of disaster. Bitter political infighting and power-hungry nobles threaten to tear the country apart in a bloody civil war, while in the south old enemies prepare to reclaim their ancient homeland from the ponies.

    As Princess Celestia desperately strives to hold together her splintered nation, she sends a young pony on a quest to the northern lands that border Equestria in order to plead for aid against the threat of Grypha. This unlikely messenger is Rye Strudel, the flightless, magicless, half-breed son of a guard and a baker. Rye must do the impossible and unite the thanes of the north... for if he cannot, there may be no home to come back to.
    Tags: Adventure, Dark
    Author: DSNesmith
    Narrator: Strange Amethyst