• 25 Of the Best Fan-Made Pinkie Pie Songs Ever!

    Pinkie Pie has had a LOT of music made in her name, with hundreds of remixes and originals dedicated to the party pony. Her theme is almost always upbeat, though she got a few feels in there based on what was happening at any given moment during a pony season.

    We had quite a bit of music sent this time, and have cut it down to 25 big ones. These are songs that were either fandom-defining or just big deals throughout the years from some of the best musicians new and old.

    Obviously there are a ton more out there, so feel free to include any we missed in the comments! Maybe it's time to create a real archive of this stuff for the side bar. 

    Go get them all below!


    [1] Source

    The Gypsy Bard - Extended (Unofficial/Fanmade) by SAFR Projects

    [2] Source

    Pinkie's Brew (Extended Version) by SherclopPones

    [3] Source

    Lenich & Kirya — Pinkie's Brew Russian Gypsy Jazz by Lenich

    [4] Source

    WoodenToaster - Pinkie's Lie by WoodenToaster

    [5] Source

    Foozogz - Make A Wish (Cotton Candy RMX) by Foozogz

    [6] Source

    Pinkie Pie feat. Bubble Berry - Laughter by Sim Gretina

    [7] Source

    General Mumble - She's A Pony [WoodenToaster Remix] by WoodenToaster

    [8] Source

    SoGreatandPowerful : Pinkie Pie Swear by SoGreatandPowerfulArchives

    [9] Source

    4everfreebrony - Here On The Moon (ft. Faux Synder and Emily Jones) by 4everfreebrony

    [10] Source

    Mad Mares (Mad World Parody by TheEmberDash) ~ Cover by Feather by Feather OLDACCOUNT

    [11] Source

    "The Real Pink Pony" | Eminem Parody | Pinkie Covers by VannaLemon

    [12] Source

    MLP Fighting is Magic - Pinkie Pie Theme by WhitetailMusic

    [13] Source

    Laughter - Original MLP Music by AcoustiMandoBrony by AcoustiMandoBrony

    [14] Source

    Smile Song (Remix) by The Living Tombstone

    [15] Source

    Foozogz - ,~*Smile!*~, (Rmx VIP) by Foozogz

    [16] Source

    Alex S - Party With Pinkie VIP by Alex S.

    [17] Source

    MLP: Gypsy Bard 【German/DMC】- Bardenlied ♫ w/ Lyrics by DMC

    [18] Source

    4everfreebrony - Laughter (album version) by 4everfreebrony

    [19] Source

    4everfreebrony - Chant of Mirth (ft. Chi-Chi & Relative1Pitch) [ALBUM RELEASE] by 4everfreebrony

    [20] Source

    General Mumble - FOREVER by Mumble Etc.

    [21] Source

    Pinkie Pie - Smile (Sim Gretina Remix) by Sim Gretina

    [22] Source

    Pinkie's Brew (Remix) - Sherclop Pones by The Living Tombstone

    [23] Source

    Make a Wish (Aftermath Remix) by AftermathMakesMusic

    [24] Source

    Giggles & Gumdrops - FritzyBeat (4EverfreeBrony Cover Contest) by FritzyBeat

    [25] Source

    Silva Hound ft. Rina-chan - Hooves Up High by Silva Hound