• Poll Results: Is Separating "Saucy" Images In Drawfriend Into Their Own Entirely Avoidable Post a Good Idea? (See Rarity Day)

    This was just supposed to be a short term poll, so results time! If you are unaware of what this was about, back on Rarity Day, we had an overabundance of art that fell into the "saucy tag" category. Reasons for that can be found in the saucy post if you are curious. 

    This prompted separating saucy entirely into it's own post for the sake of not punishing artists for doing it, freeing people that don't want to see entirely, and not "saucy" tagging 60 images examples here:

    Best of Rarity (Normal version)
    Best of Rarity (Saucy edition)

    The poll results seem to point to people liking the idea, and the post itself certainly did fine, but a pretty good amount weren't too fond of it. We'd like to see the feedback on why you disliked the plan, either in comments or emailed directly. As I mentioned earlier this year, we need all the feedback we can get from you guys!

    For now, it's looking like this will only take place on pony celebration days when there is a exceptionally large pool of art that would fall into that category for a specific pony.

    Anyway, get that feedback going!

    Next poll:

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