• Gameloft Releases Crystal Empire Update for My Little Pony Game

    The Crystal Empire has been released for all of you still grinding away at the My Little Pony game. At the moment it requires a huge investment of "snowglobes" to unlock, which is another new currency they added with the update, but you can still see all the new buildings and ponies available.

    Get screenshots and info below!


    NEW LOCATION: Bask in the glory of the Crystal Castle and build many magnificent new buildings & d├ęcor.
    CRYSTAL PONIES: Welcome adorable, sparkling friends to your kingdom.
    CRYSTAL FAIR QUEST: King Sombra is looming outside the Crystal Empire. Renew the spirit of love and unity, and protect the Empire!

    Android Version
    iOS version

    Snowglobes unlock it.

    Thanks to Galactic, Nicholas, and SUP3R Toaster for the heads up and images!