• Event - Draw Spotlight Splash, Share, Send, and Win!

    Remember that post a while back with us asking everyone to complain more? We've tried to change a lot of things around here over the last few months to hopefully live up to some of those complaints. I'll be doing a followup for that soon, but for now, we are giving a few suggestions a shot.

    We had two points of feedback that haven't been tackled yet:
    • Use the mascots more. 
    • Do giveaways
    Now I admit, I'm not huge on giveaways. I need you all to do something interesting. Lets try it then shall we? If it doesn't work, we can try giveaways next time.

    All of the pony stuff above will be randomly given away to one lucky pony fan, and all you need to do is:
    1. Draw Spotlight Splash (No drawing skill required! Digital or Traditional welcome)
    2. Share this post and image on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
    3. Send your drawing, your pony name, plus the link to where you shared it to [email protected] titled SPOTLIGHT SPLASH!
    4. Be entered to win all the pony stuff above!
    Contest deadline is September 29th at 11:59 PM PST

    (Note: Prizes are only shippable to USA and Canada for this one. Future events will have separate prizes though!)

    Get the exact rules down below! Happy drawing!

    Extended Rules:

    • Winner will be randomly chosen via random.org. Odds of winning depend on how many entries are sent in.
    • Winner will be notified via email they use to send their entry in.
    • All entries will be showcased in a followup post.
    • Prizes are all the pony toys you see in the image above.
    • Questions can be sent to [email protected]