• Twilight Day Tumblr Spotlight: Adorkable Twilight and Friends / Socky Pocky Twilight / Brainy Twilight

    Heya guys! Twilight Day continues as we dive into some tumblrs sent my way for today's event! We've got a mix of the funny, the weird, and the really weird all starring Purple Smart. So make sure to check them out after the break!

    Before you guys ask, yes this is the scheduled slot for the Followup today, but there has been a hiccup in its production so I'm not certain we'll see it posted today.

    First up on our journey into Tumblr today is a Twilight blog that was just recently brought to my attention. Adorkable Twilight and Friends follows our favorite Purple Princess, her loyal friend and assistant Spike, and her friends in a comic strip style format detailing the random goings on of the Mane Six and background ponies. Usually quite silly, the tumblr has gotten quite a few smiles out of me (and maybe you too if you've seen it in our comic posts) and with a simple yet pleasing style I highly recommend it!

    Just be warned things can get a little risque at times, especially when Rarity pops up, so just a warning!

    Adorkable Twilight and Friends - Current Page

    Socky Pocky Twilight

    Now we start descending into the slightly different my friends! Our next tumblr today is Socky Pocky Twilight! I haven't read much of it myself, but the author was kind enough to include a description for you guys to check out:

    "Visit a parallel universe where a magical mishap has left Twilight Sparkle permanently attached to socks and Pocky (which incidentally makes her the absolute coolest pony). Join her as she snacks, games, teaches Starlight Glimmer how to rock a pair of socks, and tries to keep her psychotic doppelganger from destroying her reputation."

    Catch you interest? Check it out at the links below!

    Socky Pocky Twilight - Current Page - First Page

    Ask Brainy Twilight

    Now if you thought our second tumblr was different check this one out! Ask Brainy Twilight follows, well, the brain of Twilight which has been moved into a very advanced jar. Don't worry, she has her reasons, and Spike did everything according to plan, so nothing to worry about. Right?

    Check it out at the links below! It's the longest running tumblr featured in today's group, with 151 pages going back 3 years.

    Ask Brainy Twilight - Current Page - First Page

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