• Ratings Arrive for "Stranger Than Fanfiction" - Ratings Return to Normal!

    Yeah we're a little late on the ratings this time around! Considering how much they irritate some people Seth has suggested to me we remove ratings altogether from the site. I wanted to at least poll you guys first with an official site poll so hopefully you can expect that soon!

    In the meantime, if you don't like the ratings posts check out our Settings tab in the menu bar (the little gear). There is a filter that will remove all ratings related posts from the site for you so feel free to use it if you must!

    Anyhow, now on to the real news! Ratings for Stranger Than Fanfiction are out and it appears we've taken a nice leap upward in viewers, settling on 250,000 viewers for Stranger compared to Spice Up Your Life that received 143,000 viewers. As always, whether pony will stabilize here or go all over the place is up to speculation; after all this was the first episode after a small hiatus.

    Thanks to the tons of people who sent in the info!


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