• Radio Plays: The Next Regeneration / Fluttershy's Baby / Sherlock Hooves: Meek Interpreter / Terminal Secrets 2 / Canterlot Falls

    Time to treat your ears, and somewhat eyes to a bunch of radio plays! We have something for everyone in this one, from odd stories about Fluttershy to parodies of British television. Head on down below the break for tons of stuff to do for a few hours!

    1.) Doctor Whooves The Next Regeneration: Bloody Misaki
    2.) Fluttershy's Baby (Playlist)
    3.) The Adventures of Sherlock Hooves: The Meek Interpreter
    4.) Terminal Secrets Episode 2: 537
    5.) Canterlot Falls: Canterlot Caged

    Get the playlist for Fluttershy's Baby here!