• Patreon Celebration - August - Rainbow Riot Edition!

    Now that I have a big monthly thing going on, it's even more apparent that months go by way too fast. I don't even know where the last one went. If I was still in school, this summer break would have been over way too quickly.

    Because of this, we are going to celebrate by dressing Rainbow Dash in various things so she can't go fast. Poor Dashie. Remember that one time when we didn't dress her up in funny clothing? She doesn't. Because it doesn't happen. She knows its only a matter of time before the dresses, skirts, tuxedos, and whatever else the fandom has laying around ends up on her.

    Thanks againt o everyone for the continued contribution! I don't know if we are going to be doing plushie sales or something for one of these months, but it could happen.

    Head on down below the break for the CELEBRATION! 

    Tier 1 - Links!

    AidanofVT: Quote - "Bernie Sanders: The hero America deserves, but not the one it needs right now. Hillary Clinton: To fight monsters, we created monsters."
    Ryan b: Quote - "TEAM MYSTIC FOR LIFE"
    Luster: Quote - "If you haven't seen the Animation Archive, check it out! This fandom really is amazing. Remember to give your favorites a like or a sub!"
    Scamper - "Rainbow Dash is the perfect waifu"
    Doompanda - "wut?" (Doompanda might be a little confused) 
    ShadowKrosser - "Praise Be To EQD! Pony-swag all day everyday and Starlight Glimmer is best new book horse!"

    Frith: At Twilightpony.dreamwidth.org here on the Net, Twilight writes in her journal after the sun has long set. Half the summer has gone and the short nights fly by, Twilight ponders the wherefore's, the how's and the why. She's housed in a stone stable both cold and tall, Servant of the Map Table, at its beck and call. By the bones of the All Mare, what is a pony to do? Find out in her journal, it is waiting for you.

    Tier 2 - Images!

     Crono Flash - "Twitch Streamers Unite!"

    Jacob Bacci - "Buffalo Chicken Waves to his loyal onlookers"

    Silent Dash - "Hope everypony's enjoying their summer vacation!"

    Guiding Breeze - "I just love how Tavi has lifted the tail away, just in case"

    From Trebek

    From: Dave Ostroske

    From: Platinum

    From: Niels Olof - " All in for Rarity"

    Tier 3 - Video!

    DoodledPony - "[insert witty quote here]"

    All Other Tiers!

    Novel Idea - Pone Chat room contributor and person I bother with WoW transmog related braggings because I'm secretly jelly of his Draenei in purple plate Quote:"Do it right & do it with style."
    Ajnrules - Pone Chat room contributor who has an insane amount of Rainbow Dash dressed in frilly dresses. Quote: "I love Rainbow Dash!"
    K.Dawn - Bannerizer - "Demand justice, but not revenge. Allow forgiveness because how can we ask for forgiveness for ourselves when we won’t forgive others?"
    Ryan Walsh - " Glad that the back half of season six is off to a great start can't wait to see what else is in store for us."
    Lahirien - "Please say yes to seat belts, no to alcohol and drugs, and tell those who care about you that you love them."