• Music of the Day #687

    Hardcore gangpony rap. That's what Fluttershy listens to.

    Below the break, lots of music! Go get it!

    [1] Source

    Trixent - Twilight's Sweepy Surprise [DnB] by Lenny HeimoBauss

    Instrumental - Drum and Bass

    [2] Source

    The Ever-Radiant Sun (old) by Haycart

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [3] Source

    Official DJRedSkY - Embrace by Official DJRedSkY

    Instrumental - chillout

    [4] Source

    SophiiVa Nightmares-Sasha Lace Remix (ft.GhostXb, Carret Top) by Sasha Lace

    Vocal - Orchestral Rock

    [5] Source

    Trinity - Peak by Trinity

    Instrumental - Melodic Trap

    [7] Source

    Bossy - Can't Stop Now [Time To Party EP] by Bossy

    [8] Source

    Vylet Pony - Little Dreams (Subcascade Remix) [Trance] by Subcascade