• Music of the Day #686

    Your greek goddess maid pony has returned with a tray full of Music of the Day. How do you respond?

    Get it all below!

    [1] Source

    SHM - [Chapter IV] Stargazing (Flight & Wander) - A Tribute to Le Soldat Pony by Space Horse Manifesto

    Vocal - Space Ambient / Acoustic

    [2] Source

    Nymira - Aha! Aw. by Nymira

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [3] Source

    Mathie & Art Fonseca - Rarity † Fluttershy: I. Toils, II. You and I by Auswahlaxiom

    Vocal - Chant

    [4] Source

    【Music】 Ramen House (ラーメン屋) by Vylet Pony

    Vocal - Acoustic

    [5] Source

    Hearth's Warming Eve Is Here Once Again (with Reprise) Organ Cover by Jonny Music

    Remix - Organ

    [6] Source

    Sprocket - Praise the Sun by Sprocket Doggingsworth

    Acoustic / Electronic

    [7] Source

    うすうすベア + KILXYU ft. Chase - YANDANCER (MOONDANCER, MUTHAFXCKA) by InklingBear

    Instrumental - Hardcore / gabber

    [8] Source

    DJ AppleJ Sound - Dash (Remastered) by Official DJ AppleJ Sound

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [9] Source

    Say Goodbye to My Sanity Parody + Rem Release Date! by Ashley H

    Vocal - Parody

    [10] Source

    Black Rose - By Reverbrony by Reverb Brony

    Vocal - Progressive Metal

    [11] Source

    A Symphony Of Two - Radiant Hope by A Symphony Of Two

    Instrumental - Orchestral