• Legends of Everfree Assistant Director Katrina Hadley Heading to Ponyville Ciderfest

    These guys just keep on giving us guests to announce. We have another one heading to Ponyville Ciderfrest in October. Head on down below for some infos on Katrina Hadley!

    Ponyville Ciderfest is honored to announce Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree Assistant Director Katrina Hadley as a Guest of Honor for 2016!

    Art by Kelsey Carlson

    We here at Ponyville Ciderfest wanted to get a little creative with this week’s guest announcement.  First, we thought of having Caramel sing it in a rock concert – but then we heard Caramel try to sing.  Another idea was during the Opening Ceremonies of an event that features numerous athletic and academic events – but the entrance fees were far more than we could afford.  Then we thought about Barley taking everyone to a forest and telling you who it is is around a campfire – but we didn’t get any cell service.
    So, we decided to go with the tried and true method of just announcing it here!  Ponyville Ciderfest is honored to announce Katrina Hadley as our next Guest of Honor for 2016!  This will be Katrina’s first appearance at Ponyville Ciderfest, and her only MLP con in 2016! With Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree coming out the same month as Ciderfest, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring in one of the most important people behind the movie to share their knowledge.
    Sponsor badges are still available, as well as hotel rooms in our block at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee!  Plus, there’s still time to submit panels and events! Register today to join Katrina and the rest of our guests of honor this October!
    Katrina Hadley has been working in the animation industry in Vancouver since 2005, primarily as a storyboard artist. In the past she’s worked on at least 14 different shows like: Edgar and Ellen, League of Super Evil and the Monster High DVD movies.
    She first joined the MLP team as a board artist for Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, and was lucky enough to be asked to draw the illustrations for the end title credits. She’s also done storyboard work for MLP season 5, most notably the premier and 100th episodes. After storyboard supervising EG: Friendship Games she sassed her way into being Assistant Director for Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree.
    Katrina feels incredibly lucky to work on EG since it feels like a combination of her 2 greatest loves growing up: My Little Pony and Sailor Moon!