• IDW MLP Cover Artist Mary Bellamy's SDCC Exclusive Post Card Prints Now Available Online!

    For those of you who couldn't make it to SDCC this year, or if you were and weren't able to make it All of these prints available online!

    Each print is $10 USD plus $2 USD for shipping (so $12 USD for US a domestic order of one MLP Post Card). You can paypal Mary Bellamy at [email protected] if you would like to order one. When checking out, please specify in the note section if you’d like to have your post card signed and whether you want the signature on the front or the back. (I opted for the back on "Muffin's" New Trainee so that I can laugh at the image in all it's glory, but still have the work signed by the artist!)

    Please note if you are ordering multiple cards or your shipping international please contact Mary at the above e-mail address to work out the shipping requirements.