• Wave 17 My Little Pony Blindbag Ponies Revealed!

    The full set of wave 17 Blindbag ponies is now revealed. As always, expect a boatload of recolors, but a few unique ones to help set it apart. Most of it is just transluscent with sparkles, but a few have cute little costumes like the pony above.

    Go get all the images down below.

    (Update:) Identification codes for when they appear in stores:

    AA Pinkie Pie
    AB Fluttershy
    AC Twilight Sparkle
    AD Rainbow Dash
    AE Rarity
    AF Applejack
    AG Cherry Pie
    AH Apple Fritter
    AI Banana Fluff
    AK Lilac Links
    AL Cherry Fizzy
    AM Banana Bliss
    AN Sweetie Drops
    AO Holly Dash
    AP Berry Dreams
    AR Lucky Clover
    AS Lily Blossom
    AT Apple Stars
    AU Lily Valley
    AV Berryshine
    AW Lyra Heartstrings
    AX Cherry Berry
    AY Ace Point
    AZ Cloud Kicker

    Thanks to Micheal for sending them and MLP merch for codes!