• Toys Spotted: Wonderbolts Brushables at Target, Guardians of Harmony Celestia, Nightmare Moon, and Discord at Gamestop

    Wonderbolts Brushable My Little Pony Set at Target

    Surprise! Apparently SDCC dropping these Wonderbolts meant they are now officially released. The packs above were spotted at Target, and the two pack with Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie join them. As always, call first before you make the trip.

    And if you are like me and struggling to find a Nightmare Moon that isn't rocketed up to 40 bucks on Amazon, a surprising location is apparently carrying her, Celestia, and Discord. All three were found at a Gamestop store in Pueblo, Colorado.

    Guardians of Harmony Nightmare Moon, Discord, Celestia at Gamestop

    Thanks to Jeffrey and DrForester for the heads up!