• Project SEAPonyCon Announced

    Lots of things being announced at BronyCon, in this case a convention for Asia centered in Thailand called Project SEAPonyCon! It's really nice to see the convention scene growing in other parts of the world and I wish them the best in getting things set up.

    Find the full press release after the break!

    Asia’s newest and most anticipated MLP:FiM convention, Project SEAPonyCon

    was announced at BronyCon today by the Asian Delegation, a panel consisting of

    bronies from Southeast Asia. The convention is slated for 19-20 August 2017 and

    will be held in Bangkok, Thailand.

    A crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo was also launched today as part of an

    effort to further enhance the convention experience for attendees. The campaign

    seeks to raise $5,000 but hopes to be able to raise double their goal in order to

    bring the convention experience to be on par with that of similar conventions held

    in Western countries.

    The exclusive reveal attracted great applause as Project Chief Daniel “St. Pinkie”

    Anthony concluded the Saturday Morning panel at the Baltimore Convention

    Centre in Maryland, USA. The presentation began with a roundup of Southeast

    Asian brony projects which then proceeded to a giveaway session where over

    1,000 mini-prints of artworks by Southeast Asian bronies were distributed.

    Bangkok, Thailand is the host of Southeast Asia’s biggest MLP:FiM convention,

    the Thailand Pony Convention which has attracted over 700 members in its past

    instances. Project SEAPonyCon will be held at the Prince Viwat Hall in the Thai

    Summit Tower - the same location as the Thailand Pony Convention 2016. The

    prime location has convenient accessibility via rail and serves as a great

    connection to the rest of the city where facilities such as hotels, supermarkets

    and restaurants are easily accessible.

    Project SEAPonyCon is a convention four years in the making which started as an

    idea proposed by Philippine Bronies admin Daryll “Buckweiser” Alvero. The

    project will be Southeast Asia’s 13th convention of such nature, building on the

    success of previous conventions such as the Thailand Pony Convention in

    Bangkok, The Friendship Express in Kuala Lumpur, Cantermare University in

    Singapore and PHPonyCon in Manila.

    Project SEAPonyCon

    Twitter: Calpain