• Ponies at Dawn: Voyager Submissions Now Open

    Ponies at Dawn continues truckin along, bringing musicians together to entertain the masses of you listeners out there. The project is moving on to it's next iteration, with Ponies at Dawn: Voyager.

    They are currently taking submissions for it. Head on down below the break for infos on that!

    Here's the information, thank you so much in advance if you're able to post about it!:

    In the past, Ponies at Dawn have released 8 albums with an incredible variety of music, and we’re not planning on stopping anytime soon. We’re proud to announce that we’re opening for submissions for our next album - Voyager.

    After the multitude of successes we had last year, we managed to start 2016 in style with the release of our 7th and biggest yet compilation, Awakening. Full to the brim with quality tracks from all over the fandom, it was arguably our best album yet. However, we’re far from finished this year, and we’re keen to see if we can make this second major album of the year hold itself to the standards set by Awakening, if not eclipse them!

    As usual, the money made by the album from donations on BandCamp will go towards the artists who make it onto the album, as thanks for the hard work put in to make the album a reality.

    Information document with FAQ: 

    Submissions form:

    Submissions due:
    18th of September