• Patreon Celebration - July - Flutterbutter Bash

    As requested, Fluttershy is your theme this month. Considering her recent domination over on Youtube in a million different sectors it's not too surprising. I fought tooth and nail for some Coco, but I guess not even her cuteness can win here.

    The only change this month is the pricing for commissions. The tier has been dropped to $25 for an ad on the side bar for your commissions or pony shop. I've also removed the lets watch as I'm not sure how available I will be next month with all the news popping up. Though I guess that kinda defeats the purpose since we have episodes now...

    If you have no idea why this is a thing and want infos on it, go check out the announcement post!  For rewards, go straight to the page!

    ANYWAY. Party time! And if you have any suggestions for reward tiers you'd like to see, please send them our way!

    Tier 1 - A Name and Quote!

    Luster- "Let your favorite content creators know how much you appreciate their work. Comments really do make a difference!"

    Scamper - "Rainbow Dash is still best waifu"

    iamkoold - Deviant Art page!

    Joseph - ""Best wishes to Tyson, Tracey, Karen and all of my friends attending BronyCon or MLP Fair this coming weekend!"

    Frith -
    "What could Twilight have to say 
    If she journaled every day. 
    Would she bemoan the ponies she dissed? 
    Or would she just jot down her laundry list? 
    You'd find out, you would be in the know 
    if to Twilightpony.dreamwidth.org you would go."

    AidanofVT - "This is a cake-walk of hiatus. Like a cake-walk, we will eat it for breakfast."

    Aramadon - “I just wanted to express my love for Equestria Daily. Thanks for everything, Sethisto. My life is better for you having been in it.”

    Tier 2 - Include an image!

    Niels Olof: "For the One and Only Rarity"

    Crono Flash - "Sugar Fang is a really sweety. Just don't eat a lot of candy around her, or she may just want you (and your sugary goodnes)."

    From Guiding Breeze

    From Trebek

    Sunshine Smiles - "This was chosen for me by nicklaich as my reward. Thanks again friend. :)"

    Tier 3 - Include a video!

    DoodledPony - "What if there was another Equestria where everyone had six legs?"

    From Ryan

    All Other Tiers!

    Dawn (No Quote!)

    Ajnrules - "I Love Rainbow Dash!"

    Ryan - "For anyone who has not seen finnthepony's reviews I would highly recommend them. They’re funny and he seems like a great guy."


    Novel Idea: "Do it right and do it with Style." Creative Director of the Manehattan Project, Cover Art Designer & Author. (Sunset and Twilight tie for best pony, don't let anyone convince you otherwise.)

    Samuel D. Borne - "2nd Episode of my new show. Think of it like a more depressing version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 with ponies."

    Fluttershy Dances Quietly

    As always, you can still claim your other rewards for the month! Just message the Patreon page and we will take care of it.