• Live Comment Q&A, Suggestion, and Complaint Answering Time!

    If you missed the editorial yesterday, we are once again gathering feedback and criticism to help improve EQD for everyone. This site has always been about spreading pony and spotlighting the best of the fandom, and the unfortunate side effect of that is a lot of complexity and experimentation that sometimes confuses people.

    Below in the comments, I and any other blog ponies that might know more about a specific topic will be answering your questions directly.

    The goal of this post:

    • Make our submissions more transparent
    • Collect feedback from both people that dislike us and people that do
    • Hopefully mine some ideas from a fandom filled with them for problems the entire pony world faces. 
    • Just interact with you and have fun.

    Again, the original idea of the post yesterday was to let people complain, and that's what I, and any other blogponies brave enough to dive into this are prepared for. Complain away. It has never been a bannable offense and while we may not agree with each other, we can eat least try! The internet is a mystery, and everyone out there is learning how this weird 21st century thing works on a social and worldwide level.

     My only request here is that you try to keep your critiques short, as multiple paragraphs can be time consuming to navigate and we want to answer as many questions and complaints as possible.

    Now hit those comments up (and a bit more below)! Ill be gathering up questions into a side post after this for easy viewing.

    (Note: For ease of replying, please do not create new comment threads based on old ones, keep it in the old one) 
    (Update: Currently working on compiling everything up. I'll try answer things when I get time) 

    On Content Rejections: 

    The issue with a place like EQD is that we do have to reject and approve content on the site. The fandom as a whole can be pretty picky, and flooding one category hurts everyone in said category as people lose interest in specific areas if the same thing is constantly being released or quality dips too low.

    It's hard to see yours or a friends content not make it up, and sometimes the reason why can be a bit mysterious. We get a lot of stuff coming in, and try to be as fair as possible, but as a creator myself, I see the blinders that pop up when you pour hours into something, your friends love it, but it turns out it wasn't very good looking back.We are all learning as we go here, and the best stuff out there is from people that either rocked it for a weekend or are well practiced in a specific art form. Uniqueness is key, and something we tend to value here.

    Music and PMV Are probably the most obvious targets. There hasn't been a whole lot of evolution and the combination of the broad fandom (note: not small pockets of enthusiasts) slowing down, and people in general becoming pickier, and less likely to check out a post that looks similar to ones they have seen in the past is harming them both here on EQD. New people really aren't joining rapidly anymore outside of kids growing up on Youtube, so fresh eyes are rare.

    Obviously we have made mistakes and will continue making them, but I'm here to discuss how to at least lower that!

    On a side note, we may be looking for video and music people out there to write up more interesting posts per topic or help us find a better system to get people interested in these again. At the moment it seems like the only reliable way is to already have subscribers from the old days, or roll the Youtube dice and get that kid army. More info on that to come based on what we see today!

    I'll stop blabbering. Go comments!