• GalaCon Art Panel Announcement

    GalaCon 2016 is only 4 days away! And with that the final preperations for the convention are in swing. And along with those preparations comes another quick panel announcement.

    Find the announcement below the break!

    Painting in Ten Seconds Flat by Imalou

    What would GalaCon be without the usual bunch of interesting art panels? This year, we present you a very special one by French artist Imalou.

    Because everyone should be able to visualize his or her ideas and create beautiful art, Imalou will show you how to digitally paint ponies in an easy way without fancy equipment or expensive software. She will also show you some tricks and routines to realize the gread ideas in your mind.

    Place and time: Sunday, 11:45 (Panel Room 2)
    See you soon

    i.A. Lukas Sanders
    Event Director