• Discussion: What if Gen 5 Starts Completely Over?

    There has been a lot of talk over the years about what Gen 5 would be like considering it will inevitably happen some day. From musings about spin offs, sequels to Friendship is Magic starring the CMC, and everything in between.

    But what if Gen 5 took a different route, starting completely new and letting the world of Equestria retire along with our current pony friends? We'd have new ponies, a new world, and possibly a new art style to differentiate Gen 5 from Gen 4. As such, would you be delighted, disappointed, not care as long as it was good, or somewhere in between?

    How would you want this new world to unfold?

    What would you like out of the main characters?

    Or would it be time to retire yourself from the pony scene and head off into the sunset?

    Discuss down in the comments!

    Twitter: Calpain