• Desktop Ponies Releases Massive Update

    Equestria Daily's inbox has been invaded by cute pixel ponies! That's right, a new update for Desktop Ponies has been released with a variety of fixes and enough ponies to bump the total number of available characters up to 282!

    With so many ponies there should be one for any occasion or mood! And so fans of Equestria Girls aren't left out, a fan has created a large number of Equestria Girls sprites that are fully animated which you can add to the application thanks to Bot-chan!

    To install:

    Download the Equestria Girls character of your choice
    Unpack the character
    Move the folder in the unpacked archive to your Ponies folder in the Desktop Ponies directory
    Launch and enjoy!

    Download Page on Ponychan
    Equestria Girls Download Page

    Twitter: Calpain