• Spotlight Music: A Symphonic Metal Tribute to BronyDanceParty / Little Dreams / Not What They Want

    Quite a bit of good music is coming in lately, so we are switching to 3 per post for a bit. Below the break, get another EPIC symphonic metal remix of a whole bunch of songs in the first slot, followed by another one from Vylet's new album, and finished with an original from Ice Gaze dedicated to Dashie. Go get em!

    1.) A Symphonic Metal Tribute to BronyDanceParty (Remix - Symphonic Metal)
    2.) Vylet Pony - Little Dreams (Spectra Remix) | Super Pony World (Deluxe Version) (Remix - Drums and Bass / Synthpop)
    3.) Not What They Want - Original MLP Song (Vocal - Piano)

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