• Random Merch: Pony Headphones Hat, Beach Towels, Silverware, And More

    Twilight Sparkle hats with built in headphones! What a world we live in. These were found over on Amazon by Matt. Official release is July 22, but you can pre-order them now.

    And below the break, tons of random merch! Go get it!

    Pony Tins with Chocolate Crispies

    Found at: Lidil in the UK
    Found by: Amy, Tre, and Zebra  North

    Beach Towel New Design

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Framwinkle

    Water Surprise Drinks

    Found at: B&M UK
    Found by: Tre

    Magnetic Drawing Kit and Book

    Found at: Costco
    Found by: Logic Gate

    Pony Silverware And Tye Dye Shirt

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Jadusstone

    Pony Keychains

    Found at: Singapore
    Found by:Wenyesharkbait

    Friendship Express with Princess Twilight Instead

    And she has a NICE HAT. This is an updated version of an old one with princess twi instead of normal.

    Found at: Entertainment Earth
    Found by: Jeffrey

    Coloring Book

    Found at: Amazon UK
    Found by: Bronymedic

    Dash Backpack

    Found at: Brunswick Canada
    Found by: Meg

    If you happen upon any random merch while out and about, or find anything interesting on pony merchandise at all, please send an email to submit@equestraidaily.com with the title MERCH!