• Ponies Around the World 2016 Submissions Open!

    Ponies Around the World Begins! Hopefully you all got our warning earlier in the month, or gathered images throughout the year for this one already. If you didn't, you have two weeks to find a pony toy, acquire a camera, and take a picture of your cartoon horse companion enjoying a real life attraction. It can be anything from a natural wonder near your house, a historic building, or an epic monument. Originality is awesome, but well known stuff is more than welcome too!

    If you already know the drill, hit up the submitter and send em in! For everyone else, head on down below the break for rules, a guide to submitting, and the usual. Deadline is July 13th at 11:59 PM PST!

    And if you want to check out old events, head on over to the Ponies Around the World tag for all of them.

    Submissions are now open, closing on the 13th of July. So get to it!

    Have some rules:

    • No Photoshops of ponies in places, pictures of your toy physically there only.
    • You must visit the location yourself
    • Nothing that breaks the normal adult material/gore policies on EQD
    • Custom/Plushie Trixie gains bonus points that can be claimed for an award in the year 2090
    • There has to be some form of landmark, be it a lake, famous town restaurant, monument, ect. 
    • You can include yourself in the image, but do so with caution! 
    • Use your pony name on the submitter if you don't want your real name listed
    • Use the description section to describe your location if you don't edit the image with a subtitle. 

    If you want an example of old ones, have some posts: 

    Ponies around the World 2011 Day 1
    Ponies around the World 2012 Day 1 

    The deadline this year will be:
    July 13th at 11:59 PM PST

      Where do I send them?

    We will be using our submission system.  Simply click the "Ponies Around the World 2016!" and fill in the blanks with your entry.  There will be a maximum of five submissions per person, each must be a different landmark, so take some good pictures!

    A tutorial for grabbing the URL of an image can be found below.  We will not be taking direct image submissions, so make sure you follow it!

    Paste your URL Here:

    If you run into issues, send an email to Submit@equestriadaily.com.