• Ponies Around the World 2016 - Submissions Opening Soon!

    Ponies Around the World is happening soon, and it's vacation time. If you find yourself out in the world or anywhere with a cool looking monument/landmark/famous area, be sure to bring a pony figure! It can be a plushie, a custom toy, or even a printout if you don't have any.

    If you have no idea what Ponies Around the World is, the basic idea is to take a picture of a pony figure at an interesting place, be it a historic building or an ancient ruin. You can do it locally at famouse spots nearby, or while on vacation exploring another country. Just bring a camera and a pony!

    Previous events can all be found at our Ponies Around the World tag.

    This post is your heads up that submissions will be opening soon and lasting for two weeks. Get on it!